Morning and Evening Attendance and/or Late Calls

Calls and emails go out every morning after period 2 and every evening after 6:00 p.m. If your student will be absent or late for any reason please call the attendance line at 403-500-2091 ext. 200, available 24hrs. This will eliminate any unnecessary calls home.

Parents are requested to phone in advance of the absence, if possible; and no later than the day after the absence (retroactive reporting – more than 24 hours after the first day – do not count as reported excused absences).

Legitimate reasons for reporting absences are: illness, medical and dental appointments, death in the family and medical emergencies. Students away on approved school activities will automatically be recorded as excused. All other absences are unexcused.


Attendance is one of the most important factors determining success at school. Students must be on time and attend each and every class. Students arriving after that time should seek to amend this situation with the classroom teacher by making up this time during tutorial or at a time arranged with the teacher. A student always remains responsible for classroom work missed during their absence. Numerous lates will be referred to administration.

Parents and guardians are advised to contact the school to excuse any absences. Such calls are checked for authenticity. Teacher Advisors monitor student advisees tardiness and absences and will contact parents and guardians if it is habitual. This may result in disciplinary action.