Spanish Bilingual

The Spanish program provides high school students with a rich environment for learning cultures and subject-area content.

After completing the Junior High Spanish Bilingual Program, students in grades 10 through 12 have the opportunity to progress and continue their bilingual studies at the high school level.

Program Goals

The program enables students to maintain and extend the level of Spanish linguistic and cultural competency that they have already achieved. Students will:

  • improve their written and spoken communication.
  • deepen their understanding of their own cultural backgrounds, experiences and identities.
  • enhance their future economic and career opportunities.
  • develop the essential skills and attitudes needed to promote effective global citizen¬≠ship.


Spanish Language Arts (SLA) and Spanish Culture and Society Through Film courses are offered in Spanish (25 credits are available in Spanish).

Potential course stream:

  • Grade 10: SLA 10, Cine Sociedad y Cultura 15
  • Grade 11: SLA 20, Cine Sociedad y Cultura 25
  • Grade 12: SLA 30

Students who have completed a minimum of 25 credits in the Spanish Bilingual Program including the mandatory completion of SLA 30, will receive a Spanish Bilingual certificate upon graduation from Grade 12.


Students who are currently enrolled in the Grade 9 Spanish Bilingual Program may register in our High School Program. Students wishing to enter the Spanish Bilingual Program for the first time at the Grade 10 level, must first take a language proficiency assessment exam.